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Fool Tarot Card Necklace - Gold | The Silver Wing

Fool Tarot Card Necklace - Gold | The Silver Wing

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Fool Tarot Card Necklace

Fool Tarot Card Necklace

The Fool tarot card necklace - The full often implies new beginnings, spontaneity, change, and innocence. Instead of walking forward, he is alone at rest, suggesting that many of the most significant journeys we take are not physical, but mental.

The Major Arcana Cards navigate significant experiences, relationships, and pathways in our lives. In the event that these cards are present and dominate a reading, they can point toward key issues that may need to be explored or addressed.

Listing includes:

- Detailed Shiny Gold Plated Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel
Tarot card pendant necklace 20mm x 40mm

- Choice of chain style and length (see photos)

Images of tarot card are engraved on each pendant. Image will not fade.

Sold by Jasper Sky Accessories.

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