Collection: Personalized Bracelets | Sterling Silver

Personalized Bracelets

Personalized Bracelets made of Sterling silver - This collection contains sterling silver bracelets. This collection is very small however any necklace can be made into a bracelet. Birthstones can be added. Charms can be added and of course names or a phrase of your choice. You can create a one of a kind bracelet that no one else will have. If your looking for something for yourself or a friend or family member please message me and we can collaborate. If you have an idea in mind, message me and I can let you know if your vision is possible. I have created family bracelets with birthstones and names. I have created personalized bracelets that has the names of the love ones lost which has open spaces to add others in the future. I love creating jewelry of any kind from start to finish. I ceate new mom and new grandmother personalized bracelets to celebrate your families newest additions. As your family grows so will your bracelet. So let's celebrate life and create something beautiful for you to cherish forever. Pieces like this are great conversation starters. Others will admire your personalized bracelet, a true family creation. My process is complex. I start with raw metal and create flawless an beautiful results. Every letter is stamped one by one. I then shape the metal, sand and file the sterling siver. I also solder with a torch when needed. Finally I polish for flawless, mirror like results. Every personalized bracelet is made of sterling silver which can last a lifetime.