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 Introducing our versatile Add Ons Collection - Birthstones, Parts, and Charms, along with convenient Shipping Upgrades. This collection features an array of Miscellaneous Jewelry Parts that you can add to your existing order, be it in your cart or jewelry that has not yet shipped. Explore our alacart jewelry menu and find the perfect birthstones and charms to enhance your jewelry pieces. Now, here's the exciting part! We offer Shipping Upgrades in the add ons menu items category. If you're eager to speed up the delivery of your precious pieces, simply select the appropriate shipping upgrade at checkout. Our user-friendly process ensures a seamless shopping experience while allowing you to customize your order to suit your unique style and preferences. Unlock endless possibilities with our Add Ons Collection - Birthstones, Parts, and Charms, and elevate the beauty of your jewelry with ease. Upgrade your shipping for a faster arrival, and get ready to enjoy your exquisite pieces in no time. Shop now and discover the world of personalization at The Silver Wing