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About me....How it all began for me!

Here is my story of how personalized jewelry became a new chapter in my life and how The Silver Wing started. I am an artist through & through! I love painting, sketching, sculpting, designing, writing, sewing & making jewelry. My soul is comforted by music, lyrics & poetry. I lost my mom in 2003 to lung cancer. Losing her left me empty and alone, the loss devastated me. While looking for comfort I stumbled upon memorial hand stamped pieces. I loved the idea of having a memory of my Mom close to my heart but I could not find the piece I created in my mind. So I set on a journey to make my own.……………………

I am self taught . I have read every book I could & went through countless numbers of web pages to do my research. The Silver Wing gives me a creative outlet and allows me to combine my love of art, poetry & lyrics. Designing allows me to create & dream. Words can greatly affect someone, changing their life forever! The combination of words can be used as a comfort to keep close to your heart. Connecting with my customers, having them share their story allows me to create a gift someone will treasure forever.

I am also a wife & mother of 3 beautiful children, a beautiful Daughter who is 28yrs, a super active Son who is 15yrs old, and my youngest son who loves computers who is 13yrs old. I love animals & have since I was a young girl. I have two fur-babies (a long hair dachshund, Kallie and a wire hair dachshund, Talullah)  I am never without my fur babies and or my kids! This is how my journey began but every day is a new journey for me ! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me!