Collection: Tarot card necklaces | by Jasper Sky Studio

Tarot card necklaces

A collection of a variety of Tarot Card Necklaces. Created in stainless steal and gold plated stainless steel. Your choice of chain style is available with our Tarot card necklaces. The I mages on each individual tarot card are engraved on the pendant. Because it is laser engraved image will not fade.  

Tarot card necklaces, The Major Arcana Cards navigate significant experiences, relationships, and pathways in our lives. In the event that these cards are present and dominate a reading, they can point toward key issues that may need to be explored or addressed.

This collection, Tarot card necklaces is a separate part from The Silver Wing. Jasper Sky accessories was created by my Daughter to raise money for college. Thank you for you support.