Sterling Sterling Silver Memorial Necklace - Gift for Someone Who Lost Loved One During Covid

Finding a gift for someone who lost someone to Covid

 Memorial Jewelry

At The Silver Wing, we know how hard these times have been. In our memorial collection we have many different options. If this necklace is not right for you we have many other designs available. Our memorial jewelry is one way to remember a loved one who we are grieving in these difficult times. Our sterling silver necklaces are the perfect gift to offer your condolences and to help honor the life of a person you love.

It's a meaningful way to recognize & remember those who are no longer with us, thanks to the difficult and unique circumstances of the current pandemic. Whether you are looking for a funeral gift or want to show your sympathy, our
memorial necklaces will be a meaningful keepsake to honor their life. 

Memorial necklaces as gifts, loss from Covid

Finding the right gift is never easy, especially when that person has just lost a loved one to Covid. The Silver Wing Memorial Jewelry is the perfect solution - a beautiful sterling silver necklace they can cherish forever. Its unique design has been carefully crafted to be both a memorial and a comforting reminder that their special someone is still here in spirit. Whether it's for a funeral, a bereavement gift or simply to show your sympathy to a friend, the Silver Wing Memorial Jewelry is sure to bring comfort to the family in their time of need. Personalize it with a special engraving for a unique, loving gift that your loved one will treasure always.


Discover the perfect way to show someone special that you care in their time of loss with The Silver Wing Memorial Jewelry. Necklaces are crafted from sterling silver, giving them a beautiful and timeless look that holds meaning and brings comfort in moments of grief. Our unique pieces of jewelry can be made custom by personalizing our memorial necklaces - the perfect way to honor and remember a loved one. With its thoughtful design, it’s easy to see why our funeral gifts are touching and special way to show your sympathy for someone suffering from the loss of a family member, friend or loved one. Let the Silver Wing Memorial Jewelry be a reminder that you haven’t forgotten about them even in the darkest of days.

Finding a gift for someone who lost someone to Covid

This elegant memorial necklace in Sterling Silver is a thoughtful and beautiful way to show someone who has experienced the loss of a loved one during the Covid pandemic that they are always in your heart. Whether as a funeral gift or just as a reminder of your love and support, this one-of-a-kind piece makes a special gesture that any grieving family can appreciate. Let them say goodbye to their loved one with this beautiful heart shaped sterling silver memorial necklace. Engraved with name, birthstone, and a heartfelt message "Always in my heart.", this necklace also shows the dates of birth and death in a lasting tribute to the departed. The perfect way to show your sympathy and thoughtfulness, this sterling silver memorial jewelry makes a stunning and meaningful keepsake. Let those feeling the loss of a beloved family member know that they are not forgotten with this stunning necklace. 

Memorial locket

There are many more options in our shop. Memorial necklaces to fit every situation. Keep in mind on all of our collections you can change the phrase and personalize in anyway you choose. Visit all our memorial designs here.

Memorial necklace for loss of husband or boyfriend

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